Our Team

Golden Gate Associates is committed to quality hiring and being a premier boutique accounting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and regards its employees among its most valuable assets. We strive to create a healthy work environment built on fairness, respect for one another and our clients, continuing professional education, and a reasonable work/life balance.

Partners   |   Kyle Klopfer, Krisda Pakabunto, Huey Hua, Cindy Hsieh, Phillip Lau, Clayton Lee

Senior Management   |   Elizabeth Cheng, Karmath Pradhan, Queenie Mak

Management   |   Angela Ying, Carol Li, Dimple Singhvi Lunawath

Senior Staff   |   Aliya Hu, Arpita Sur, Hannah Lieu, Jackie He, Leah Santiago, Nathaniel Bayer, Ravnit Chana, Roberta Poritsky, Sanjay Subramaniam, Vijay Pareek

Staff   |   Bhoomika Kavali, Cecelia Huang, Durga Prasad, Eric Duong, Hung Nguyen, John Edgar Pile,                      Luxsika Nantahan, Ruoxi Yang, Sai Subramanian, Surendhar Sekar, Wanda Voong

Operations   |   Cerene Wong, Dorothy Tam, Jennifer Klopfer

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