Our Team

Golden Gate Associates is committed to quality hiring and being a premier boutique accounting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and regards its employees among its most valuable assets. We strive to create a healthy work environment built on fairness, respect for one another and our clients, continuing professional education, and a reasonable work/life balance.

Partners   |  Kyle Klopfer, Krisda Pakabunto, Huey Hua, Phillip Lau, Clayton Lee

Senior Management   |  Elizabeth Cheng

Management   |  Karmath Pradhan, Queenie Mak, Dimple Singhvi Lunawath

Senior Staff   |  Hannah Lieu, Roberta Poritsky, Angela Ying, Leah Santiago, Vijay Pareek

Staff |  Henry Chen, Jackie He, Michael Skelton, Aliya Hu, Cecelia Huang, Hung Nguyen, Eric Duong, Ravnit Chana, Arpita Sur, Bhoomika Kavali, Sai Kumar, Sanjay Subramaniam, Ruoxi Yang, John Pile, Jennifer Klopfer

Operations |  Lila Wan

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